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This Wiki page is dedicated to Wings of War and Wings of Glory, two air combat games by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Gioorgio Paglia.

Wings of Glory is currently published by Ares Games.

How to contribute

Everybody is welcome to conribute to this Wiki, after registering. Please be sure not to copy or upload copyrighted texts or materials.

To modify a page, just click on Edit in the menu on top.

To make a new page, start from the WW1 Products page or the WW2 Products page. Edit it putting in double squared brackets a plane type, a plane serial number (or code if serial number is unknown), a pilot, or a unit. Then save and click on it to create the new page.

Use a previously created page as a model to see the general informations provided and what to list at the bottom.

For plane modelss, use Sopwith Camel as a model page. Then update the Planes list and the Maneuvre decks page.

For a specific plane, use B6313 as a model page.

For pilots, use William George Barker as a model page. Then update the Pilots list.

For units, use 66 Squadron as a model page. Then update the Units list.

Every time you add a page, please put between brackets all the other references to the same plane, pilot or unit.

Same models and same references (but different links) for WW2.

To propose modifications, ask info or any other need to communicate, please use this forum thread:

Thanks so much!