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SPAD XIII S7206 was the first of this model to be delivered to Italy, on September 1917. For over 5 months it has been the only one. Assigned to 91a Squadriglia, it was used by its commander Francesco Baracca. All photos sghow it in clean dope, with not even Baracca's prancing horse: probably in the rush after the Caporetto retreat there had been no time for fancy repaints.

Baracca alternated this plane and SPAD VII for all Autumn and Winter. At least four victories were scored on S7206: two German DFW C.5 on 22 October, another on 15 November, a German Albatros on 23 November.

During a bombing raid on 22 February 1918, S7206 was permanently damaged by a bombing. On 14 February, anyway, 5 more SPAD XIII had been received by 91a Squadriglia: from then on Baracca flow one of them, possibly S2445, camouflaged and with both personal and squadron insigna on the fuselage.


Francesco Baracca


91a Squadriglia



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