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Roderic Stanley Dallas was born on 30 July 1891 at Esk, Queenland, in Australia. In 1911, while living at Mount Morgan, he joined the local Aero Club.

In 1913 he joined the Australian army. At the outbreak of the Great War he requested to be transferred to the Royal Flying Corps but he was denied. He then joined the Royal Naval Air Service instead, taking service in 1915. He scored his first victories on Nieuport 11s, then on Sopwith Triplanes starting on the first prototype N500. He shot down two enemies on it, a two-seater on the 1st of July 1916 and a single-seater on the 30th of September. He subsequently flew several more Triplanes. In June 1917 he was promoted Major and became Commanding Officer of 1 Squadron RNAS. He later flew Sopwith Camels.

When the Royal Air Force was formed, on 1 April 1918, he was put in command of 40 Squadron. Now using an Se5a, he scored 9 more victories mainly on machine D3511. In mid-April he was wounded in a strafing mission. On 1 June 1918 he was killed in action, shot down by the Fokker Dr.I of Johannes Werner, who was supported by two more airmen of Jasta 14.


Sopwith Triplane N500

S.E.5a D3511


1 Squadron

40 Squadron