Nachtschlachtgruppe (NSGr.) 9

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In October 1943, NSGr. 9 was formed with crews coming from NSGr. 3. A first Staffel, 1./NSGr. 9, was due to operate on Caproni Ca.314 from Torino Caselle against partisan, starting January 1944, but the plane was unfit.

2./NSGr. 9 was formed on 28 January. It flew Fiat Cr.42. Under the command of Hauptmann Rupert Frost, it operated on the front in the areas of Anzio and Cassino.

Simnce Fenruary 1944, Junkers Ju.87 started replacing planes of NSGr. 9, but Fiat Cr.42 was used as late as June when Feldwebel Horst Greßler was shot down over Lake Vico.


Fiat Cr.42 E8+BK


Horst Greßler