Joseph Elwood Boudwin

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Joseph E. Boudwin in front of his S.E.5a F8010.

Joseph Elwood Boudwin was born in Philadelphia, USA, on September 28th, 1896.

In 1918 he volunteered to the Royal Air Force and joined 84 Squadron in France, at Bertangles. He became the wingman of Squadron Leader Andrew Beauchamp-Proctor, from July to September. On August 9th, 1918, while flying on S.E.5a E5937 at 1400 hrs local time, he fought an inconclusive duel against Hermann Göring.

In October he was transferred to the United States Air Service and appointed Flight Commander at 25th Aero Squadron. He received S.E.5a F8010.

In August 1919, while stationed at Bolling Field (Washington), he married for the first time. He was given a white plane called Honeymoon Express to fly during his honeymoon.

His war story is told in the book "Child Yank Over the Rainbow", by Warren Brown.


S.E.5a F8010


25th Aero Squadron