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Son of a surgeon, Jean Chaput was born on 17 September 1893 in Paris. He joined the French army in infantry in 1913, transferred to air service in 1914 and became a pilot in 1915. At Escadrille 28, on a Caudron, he scored his first victory on 12 June 1915 against a Fokker E that was forced to land: this earned Chaput a medal. But after receiving two wounds on 15 June and 10 July, he was forced to retire from combat.

Returning to the front in January 1916, he was at Escadrille N 31: N stands for Nieuports, and he flew Nieuport 11 N° 860. On 18 March 1916, on his second sortie with this unit, he scored a victory against a LVG C colliding with it over Eparges. Waiting for a replacement plane, he used a, by then, obsolete Morane Saulnier type N - one of the two left around Verdun. Mistaken more than once for a Fokker E by French anti-aircraft artillery, he had large coloured bands painted over his fuselage. Finally, on 8th April he got Nieuport 11940. On 30th April he scored a victory against a Fokker E on Combles-Herbueville.

In May 1916 he transferred to Escadrille 57, where he got 5 victories including one drachen. Wounded again on 24th August, he was far from combat ready until 1917. In spring he was again scoring victories and in April 1918 he was put in charge of Escadrille 57. On 6th May 1918, Chaput was shot down and killed by Hermann Becker.


Morane Saulnier Type N Chaput's Morane Saulnier

Nieuport 11940


Escadrille N 31

Escadrille 57