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Feldwebel Horst Greßler has been shot down on his Fiat Cr.42 LW E8+BK over Vico Lake, 40 km north of Rome, on the night of 1st/2nd of June, 1944. A Beaufighter of 600 Squadron RAF, manned by Flg Off Stewart W. Rees and D C Bartlett, destroyed his plane while he was going back home after attacking Allied columns and artillery between Artena and Cori, on the path from Cassino to Rome (30 km inland from Anzio). Greßler was trying to get back to his home arfield at Fabrica di Roma, 8 km east of the lake. Rome has been freed a couple of days after.

Later, Horst Greßler came back to service piloting Junkers Ju-87 Stuka and Focke-Wulf Fw-190.


Fiat Cr.42 CN E8+BK


Nachtschlachtgruppe (NSGr.) 9