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Frederich "Fritz" Kempf was born 9 May 1894 in Freiburg, Baden. He joined infantry for the draft in 1913. Promoted Unteroffizier on 3rd August 1914, he saw combat in Alsace where he was wounded. He was released from hospital in February 1915. Transferring to air services, he joined FEA 3 on 6th May 1915, then FEA 9 in late November.

On 4 January 1916 he joined Kampfstaffel 20 of Kampfgeschwader 4, fighting on the Somme and at Verdun. On 27 January he was promoted to Vizefeldwebel, on 9th September to Leutnant. With Halbgeschwader I he fought in Rumania and Macedonia, then returned to the Western Front in February 1917. On March 20th 1917 he received the Iron Cross 1st Class and joined Jasta 2 "Boelcke". He shot down a BE2d on 30th April, a Sopwith Pup on 5th May, a Sopwith Camel on 20th October and, after a period at Jastaschule I, another Sopwith Camel on 8th May 1918. He returned to Jastaschule I where he served until the end of the war. With 4 victories, he never became an ace.

He died in August 1966.


Fokker Dr.I 213/17


Jasta 2