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The Iconic Fokker D.VII, considered by many the premier German fighter aircraft of World War I, was designed by Fokker chief designer Reinhold Platz in 1917. Its first flight was Jan 1918, entering service in May 1918 with 1000 being produced and 775 entering service by Nov 11 1918. Another 2300 were produced for an aproximate total of 3300.

Manfred von Richthofen flew the experimental V11 at a competition at Adlershof airfield. He found it highly maneuverable but otherwise unpleasant and unstable, especially in a dive. It was modified by being lengthened and the tail resigned resulting in MVR praising it as the best entry. This resulted in an immediate order for 400 being placed. Both Fokker and Albatross produced it using Mercedes DIIIA, DIIIAU, and the BMW IIIA high compression engine (the most sought by its pilots). Ironically MVR died just days prior to its introduction into service and one wonders what feats may have been accomplished in his capable hands. Other famous pilots include; Ernst Udet, Eric Lowenhart, Lother Von Richthofen, Bruno Loerzer, Paul Baumer, Hugo Schäfer, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Stark, and Gotthard Sachsenberg.

The Fokker D.VII is instantly recognizable with its Fokker extended ailerons, rounded tail, and scalloped trailing edge, the latter caused by using wire for the trailing edge which pulled inwards when the canvas covering shrunk from doping. Its thick wing, inspired by the Junkers J1s gave it superb lift allowing great maneuvering including its famous ability to "hang on its propeller". Its rigid welded steel tube fuselage gave it great strength and durability. It was not without faults, however, experiencing rib failures, shedding of canvas off wings, and sometimes igniting phosphorous ammunition with excessive engine heat until cooling vents were added.


Length: 22'10"

Wingspan: 29' 2"

Height: 9'

Weight" 1477lbs empty, 1997 lbs full

Speed: 117-124mph

Ceiling 20,000 feet which it could climb to in 28 minutes.

Armament: 2 Spandau LMG 08/15 7.92X57

The Fokker D.VII so impressed the Entente powers that its surrender was specifically dictated by the Armistice agreement. The United States evaluated 142 examples re engining some with the Liberty L6 engine. France, Great Britain, Canada, and others all received some at the end of the war. The Fokker DVII lived on after the war (the balance being produced after the war) serving in various European air services in the minor conflicts that plagued eastern Europe after the war.

Users include; Argentina, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Soviet Union, Sweden, Switzerland, Ottoman Empire, and USA.

The Fokker D.VII in Wings of War/Wings of Glory terms. 5 miniatures have, to date, been produced (see below). It sports the L maneuver deck giving it an excellent mix of speed and maneuverability. Unique features include hard turns both left and right, a non diamond (non stressful) stall, and both right and left stall turns. Its durability is reflected in its 16 point hit rating. Its speed, maneuverability, and durability making it a difficult opponent to face indeed.



4253/18 Oberleutnant Ernst Udet Jasta 4 Luftstreitkräfte One of most sought after of the game.

Leutnant Hugo Schäfer Jasta 15 Luftstreitkräfte

Oberleutnant Hermann Göring Jagdgeschwader 1 Luftstreitkräfte

4523/18 Rudolf Stark Jasta 35b

Leutnant zur See Gotthard Sachsenberg Marine Jagdgruppe Flandern Marine Fliegertruppe



Oberleutnant Ernst Udet Jasta 4 Luftstreitkräfte

Leutnant Hugo Schäfer Jasta 15 Luftstreitkräfte

Offizierstellvertreter Willi Hippert Jasta 74 Luftstreitkräfte

Oberleutnant Hermann Göring Jagdgeschwader 1 Luftstreitkräfte

Leutnant zur See Gotthard Sachsenberg Marine Jagdgruppe Flandern Marine Fliegertruppe


- - Lithuanian Karo Aviacijos


502/18 Kapitan Stefan Bastyr III Grupa Lotnicza Wojska Lotnicze


Unknown serial 8 Vörös Repülocsapat Vörös Légjárócsapat

Friedrich Hefty 93.07 8 Vörös Repülocsapat Vörös Légjárócsapat


38.67 Ceskoslovenske Letectvo

Soviet Union

Unknown serial 2 Istrebitel'nyi Aviaotryad Voenno-Vozdushnye Sily Raboche-Krest'yanskoi Krasnoi Armii