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Luftwaffe used 112 CR.42 LW (special model for Luftwaffe), out of 200 ordered, to be flown in anti-partisan patrols and night ground attacks. Besides exhaust flame dampers, they also had racks to carry four 50kg bombs under the wings. They were used by NSGr.7 and NSGr.9. A Fiat Cr.42 of 2./NSGr.7 was the last biplane ever to score a victory, in Croatia, shooting down a P-38 of 14th Fighter Group on 8 February 1945.

E8+BK was one of them, assigned to section 2 of NSGr.9. It was shot down by a 600 Squadron Beaufighter while piloted by Feldwebel Horst Greßler, on the night of 1st/2nd of June 1944.


Horst Greßler


Nachtschlachtgruppe (NSGr.) 9



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