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S.E.5a D3511 was built by Vickers Ltd. and delivered on March 23rd, 1918. On April 15th it was delivered to 40 Squadron. It was given a very unusual three-colrs camouflage, partially covering even the national insigna and serial number.

Major Roderic Stanley Dallas scored at least five victories on it. An Albatros D.V over Brebieres on May 2nd, a Pfalz D.III in the same zone on the 8th, an Albatros two-seater on May 15th, a Rumpler on May 18th and a Pfalz D.III on May 22. He was then shot down on June 1st while flying on S.E.5a D3530.

Captain Gwilym Hugs Lewis then used it and shot down a Fokkerd D.VII on July 2nd and a LVG C on July 7th shared with Leutnant Ivan Hind, the last two victories of his score of 12.

Captain George Edward Henry McElroy was on it on July 20th when he was damaged in combat and caught fire. He tried a dive to extinguish the flames but in the end he had to execute a forced landing, destroying the airplane.


Roderic Stanley Dallas


40 Squadron



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