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William G. Barker in front of his Camel B6313.

Sopwith Camel B6313 is the single plane that shot down most enemy in all World War One.

Delivered on 24 September 1917 to the 28 Squadron, that moved to france on 8 October, was used by famed ace William Barker. He scored an Albatross the same day he reached France, but he did not claim it because he was not supposed to cross enemy lines.

Since november 1917, Barker used B6313 on the Italian front. He flew on it for a total of 379 hours and 25 minutes, scoring 46 victories. Total service was 404 hours and 10 minutes adding the time when it has been flown by others.

On the 2nd of October, B6313 was radiated and dismantled.


William George Barker


66 Squadron



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