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Hanriot Hd. 1 7517 was one of the planes used by Silvio Scaroni at 76a Squadriglia. He received it on 16 or 17th of June, 1918.

Scaroni was heavily determined to resolve the problem of jammings. He also personally studied the fitting of the second MG on the Hanriot, together with his weapon mechanic Botter, nicknamed "Bigio", and insisted with high officers to get permission to fit it on his plane.

Finally Scaroni got the second weapon and fitted it on his new Hd.1 7517.

"I observed that the most frequent jammings were due to defective bullets: I took all care, then, in the composition of belts, that I prepared myself, sometimes even reaching a discard of 65%-70%. For absolute safety I became convinced of the need of two machineguns. With the patient Botter, I studied their set on a out-of-service airplane: after the first successes in experiments, I applied with no hesitation a second weapon on my plane and, after that day, I never had to complain for any jamming. The Headquartiers that reproached my act as an abuse, after all got persuaded that, in the end, If I stole an additional machinegun from the warehouse, it was not so serious..." (Silvio Scaroni, "Impressioni e ricordi di guerra aerea", Turin 1922)

From the 21th of june to the 12th of july, in just 3 weeks, Scaroni got 9 victories with the double weapon machine. The last two the same day, in which he was shot down and wounded. After his success, several other Italian aces tought that a second MG would be a fine addition, so in summer 1918 several followed Scaroni's example.


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