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At the moment in which Fokker Dr.I 425/17 was assigned to Jagdeschwader I, it had the standard factory color scheme: upper surfaces in green and lower ones in sky blue. After receiving it, Manfred von Richtofen had it all painted red. Crosses shapes and background varied during the life of this plane.

On this machine, Von Richthofen scored his seventy-ninth and eightieth victories shooting down two Sopwith Camel of 3 Squadron in the afternoon of 20 April 1918. At 1840, he attacked Major Richard Raymond-Barker on Camel D6439 who fell in flames south of Bois de Hamel. At 1843, he shot down in flames 2nd Leutenant D.G. Lewis on Camel B7393, who was wounded and captured near Villers-Brettoneux.

On 21 April, on the same 425/17, von Richthofen was shot down by Captain Arthur Roy Brown on Sopwith Camel B7270.

Dr.I 425/17 was kept in Berlin after the war. While Richthofen's 152/17 was at the Berlin air museum and was destroyed in WW2 bombings, it seems that 425/17 was sent in a safe place in Pomerania. Professor Steinle of the Deutsches Technik Museum in Berlin collected the witness of a Polish that saw fuselage and wings used to decorate a ballroom and in the end burned during a very cold winter.


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