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Nieuport 17 N.1803 was assigned to Escadrille N.124, also known as l'Escadrille Americaine, on 19 September 1916. It was assigned to William Thaw, hence the T on the fuselage, but it is used by several pilots including Lieutenant Alfred de Laage de Meux.

Nieuport N.1803 was used by Sergent Raoul Lufbery after his N.1830 was badly damaged in combat on 9 October. On 12 October he probably used it when flying together with Norman Prince, Didier Masson and Alfred de Laage de Meux to escort eight Breguet on the raid over Oberndorf, against the Mauser factory. Lufbery shot down a Roland C.II, and being his 5th official victory he became an ace. After that, he started using Nieuport 17 N.1844 - at least from 6 November onward.

The Escadrille was transferred to Cachy on 23 October. Here the Seminole head was adopted as the official insigna and it was added on the fuselages of the planes, including N.1803. The plane was then used by Sergeant Paul Pavelka who crashed it on 26 December.

N.1803 is one of the Nieuport 17 armed with a Lewis over the upper wing, in addition to the standard Vickers on the fuselage.

Most data are from Jon Guttman, "Nieuport Flyers of the Lafayette", Albatros Productions 2006.


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